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28 I went to a lecture about the importance of understanding and conversation

You can relax, I went to a lecture about the importance of understanding and conversation

Yesterday, I had the chance to listen to a lecture held by VInay Lall, the owner of a company called Focus 85. The main message behind the lecture (and the reason he started his company) is that while having good people working in one’s company is important, inspiring them to come to work for you is more important than motivating them to work, having the right kind of conversation, and understanding the core problem are the core ways to run a business and interact with one’s employees. Over the course of running various businesses, Lall found that a person and their abilities are only 15% of their ability to succeed. 85% of the way for an employee to succeed is their environment. Next up, having a real conversation is important in that not listening leads to meaningless and poor conversations. There are 10 ways to ensure that a conversation is meaningful and productive, which are summarized in the picture above. Lastly, he covered the process of 5 why thinking. Often times, the first time someone asks why something happened is not the core cause of that problem and solution to the actual problem is not fixed. By following the trail of why things happened as summarized in the picture, the actual problem can be addressed and the problem can be solved.

While his current website is currently under construction, I thought I would share his thoughts of the day which are shared on LinkedIn.


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