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26 I ordered a OnePlus 3T

You can relax, I ordered a OnePlus 3T with a case (and will be retiring my Amazon Fire Phone).
When I went on vacation a few months ago, I dropped my phone and cracked the screen and casing. While this was mostly a cosmetic effect, recently I began not notice other effects like weird colors, performance issues and random battery drain. I figured I’d hold off until the next Google phone was announced and buy that but since the Pixel XL announcement, they have generally been out of stock. Last week, OnePlus announced a successor to the OnePlus 3 called the OnePlus 3T which offers slightly improved specs and a slightly higher price than its predecessor but is much more reasonably priced than other smartphones on the market. I then figured I’d wait and see if I could get my hands on one when they went on sale November 22 if the Pixel XL didn't come back in stock by then. Since it didn't, I placed my order for the 3T 128gb model so sometime next week I should have a brand new smartphone.

I listed the specs below with prices to compare my current phone with the 3T and Pixel XL for reference.


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