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21 I Used Google Fit's Real Time Activity Tracker

You can relax, i used Google Fit’s real time activity tracker.

While I have been using Google Fit as a passive means of counting my steps, I never remembered to using to actively use its step counting feature. When I went on a 5k walk a couple of weeks ago, I could have used it then but it totally slipped my mind. This brings me to yesterday when I was going to for my weekly swim but the pool was closed so I decided to go for an run. About halfway through the run, I remembered the activity tracker feature and decided to give it a try. Using it is actually quite simple. All one has to do is open the app, click on the plus sign at the bottom right of the app and select start activity. A menu then pops up to select the activity. I chose running and then pushed start. It gives a 3-second countdown then starts the tracking. Once done and you stop the tracking it gives a nice summary of the distance traveled, approximate calories burned, steps taken, etc as well as an overview map of the track that one took. Overall it is worth trying out and makes for a free and easy tracking app for Android smartphone users.


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