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19 I use Amazon Smile

You can relax, I use AmazonSmile.

Earlier this year when making a purchase on Amazon, I heard about a feature Amazon introduced called Amazon Smile. The basic premise of this program is to allow a portion of the purchase to go to one of a few charities that Amazon has partnered up with. The exact rate is 0.5% so it seems small but can easily vary by the amount that is being purchased and be based on eligible items. Since I do buy a lot through Amazon, I figured I’d pick a charity and make sure I help a good cause just by buying things. While my impact has been low compared to the total, it feels good to know that I can help a charity that I like. Picking a charity is quite easy. Simply visit to get started. Once the charity of your choice is picked (either one of Amazon’s preferred charities or search for one you like), simply visit this URL every time you want to make an Amazon purchase and eligible items will calculate the amount to donate and be done in your name. If you want to check how much has been donated in your name, move your mouse over the charity that shows up at the top of the page and click on ‘Your AmazonSmile Impact.’ This page will also show recent contributions that have been made to all charities. Lastly, this page also allows you to change charities so if you want to contribute to a different charity on each purchase or every month, that can be done.

In short, AmazonSmile is an easy way to contribute to charity and be done in your name just by buying products one would be buying anyways.


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