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18 I Watched MacGyver

You can relax, I watched MacGyver.

When I heard that MacGyver was being brought back to TV, I was a bit skeptical as I haven’t generally been much for shows that are made from old shows but I figured that I would wait to see what they were going to do with the property and even watch some episodes then make my decision. I eventually read that they would be making the show a prequel to the original show rather than a reboot so that brought it up a notch as that would explain away a younger MacGyver but could also be taken along the lines of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I didn’t really read up on the cast as I wanted the show to be my first viewing of them and I didn’t want to add anymore bias than being a fan of the original show.

This brings us to watching the premiere episode on Friday September 23. I will say that while the HD made watching it a bit weird since the original show was in standard definition, I show itself I enjoyed very much. Among other things, I liked that they kept elements from the original show like the Swiss Army Knife, MacGyver’s voiceovers explaining key points of what he’s doing, and that Dalton calls him Mac. The only downside I could find in the episode was that I expected the formation of the Phoenix Foundation to take some time but it was actually accomplished in this first episode. I will wait and see how they take it as it could be fixed for me if they bring it up to speed to where the original show with Richard Dean Anderson began.

Overall, the show, at the moment, seems like it is worth watching and is quite enjoyable.


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