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16 I'm Researching My Next Cell Phone Purchase

You can relax, I’m researching cell phones.

When I bought my first cell phone, I didn’t really look at specs because I just wanted an Android phone on AT&T that was the latest and greatest which was the Samsung Captivate at the time. Now, there are a lot of different specs to look at that can make a difference so I decided that this time around, I’ll build a spreadsheet that breaks down their individual features so I can easily compare the benefits of each model. I am not really looking at price at the moment as I’m looking at unlocked models so I’ll easily be spending around $400-600. In the end, I think my decision will be between the LG V20 and whatever Google announces but if there is a wide variance in prices, it will still be the final deciding factor. I have attached my breakdown of the phones I’m looking at if it helps in your buying process. I am looking primarily at flagship class devices so I know that support and accessories are more readily available and in a a year or two, I have a better chance of being able to install a custom ROM to keep using the device longer and beyond the officially supported life of the device. Lastly, for a sense of completeness and comparison, I included the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus just so i know that the specs I’m looking at are on par or better than the main competitor to Android.

Direct Link (to spreadsheet for updates to what I'm looking at)


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