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14 I Restarted Watching Stargate SG-1

You can relax, I re-started watching Stargate SG-1.

One of my favorite sci-fi shows in recent memory would have to be Stargate SG-1. I remember being in college and anticipating Fridays (maybe Mondays because it has been a while) because it would be the day to watch back to back episodes of the show. I never really knew at the time which episodes were new or not and did not really care because if i had already seen an episode, I would skip it and do homework or something else in the meantime. You may ask why I wouldn’t put Star Wars The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels up there and that is mostly because I never actually saw Stargate SG-1 in order like I have with other shows in the past 5-10 years. On that note, I had an inkling to watch the show so for as long as it is on Amazon Prime, I would start at the beginning and go as far as possible in order to see if the order matters and how much my enjoyment of the show has changed over the years. I wanted to watch the original Stargate movie but since it isn’t streaming, I left it alone and started with Season 1 Episode 1 and will keep at it until I’m done. I may not watch the last 2 or 3 seasons as I have seen them recently but we’ll see. The last couple of seasons deals with the Ori story arc which I hadn’t seen the first time around so that is why I’m indifferent to another watching of it so soon.


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