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13 I Caught Up On Vikings

You can relax, I caught up on Vikings.

When I first heard about Vikings on the History Channel, I assumed it was a documentary about the people and their culture. I later learned that it was a show centered around Ragnar Lothbrok who is loosely based on Ragnar Lodbrok who was a Viking ruler and king from the Viking age. I never really got around to watching it as it was never on when I was watching TV and I could never find it within a time frame to set the DVR. Soon though I found that it was available for streaming on Amazon Prime, a service that I subscribe too. I soon started watching it and over the course of the past few months (I forget now off hand when I started watching it) and have finally caught up through season 4. I thought initially that this was the end of the series but have read internet accounts that season 5 is currently scheduled to return in 2017. I’m glad I’m all caught up because while the show is violent, it is not too far off in that aspect from Game of Thrones and it does a very good job showing everyone’s emotions and building relationships between the characters, especially between Ragnar and his wives Lagertha and Aslaug, his brother Rollo and his friend Floki.

On that note, I would have to say that my favorite character in the show is Floki who is loosely based on the old Norse god Loki. We not only see Floki’s mischievous side in season 1 but we build his loyalty to Ragnar no matter what from Ragnar’s trust in his abilities but also Floki switching sides as benefits him and does not hold too big of a grudge against those who hold to the traditional Norse gods.

Overall, I say that the show is worth watching, even though it may or may not be limited in historical events but for the good storytelling that the show brings.


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