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12 I Watch The Opening Ceremonies

You can relax, I watched the opening ceremonies.

Every four years with the opening ceremonies to the summer Olympics, we get to learn about the history of the host nation. I always enjoy watching them for this very reason as I enjoy learning about history and the ceremonies always provide a good overview and usually lead me to read more, which has become even easier with the advent of the internet. The only issue I have is that I prefer to watch without commentary which I was able to do the last time around because I didn’t have to go to work when it began. This time around I wasn’t as “lucky” so I watched it on time delay and on national TV so I had to watch with the usual commercials and commentary. Comparing it to last time around, i can say that I see that I did not miss much. While I was able to DVR the first hour or so, it was easy to skip the early commentary and interviews so I could jump right into the ceremony, once I caught up, that’s when I ran into issues. I understand that televising the Olympics can be a costly endeavor, I was pleased that there were limited commercials so the break wasn’t noticeable. My main issue was with the commentary. While it seemed like less than last time (I rewatched it when it aired on TV with friends) the interruptions seemed to come at inopportune times and didn’t feel like I was learning much else that I couldn’t find out on my own and in more detail.  My biggest issue was that since the ceremonies dealt with the musical and visual abilities that Brazil is known for, interruptions shouldn’t be timed or overlaid with the performance in this case but wait until the end or even during the walk of nations so that it does not interfere with the actual presentation.

So how did I relax, you may ask. With my surround sound system on, I can say that this ceremony was very appealing. The sound was great, the visuals were impressive and I liked the use of the big screen in the floor. While watching, I found myself more intrigued by the performance rather than how they did that and wanting to learn more about the history of the country. I haven’t had a chance to do that but in the coming days I’m sure I will be scouring the internet in my free time to learn as much as I can or at least get a good overview of Brazil and the Amazon rainforest.


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