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11 I Went 6 Days Without Drinking Sodas

You can relax, I went 6 days without drinking sodas.

As part of re-starting my diet a few months ago, the one part I have been having trouble quitting is drinking sodas. Every few days I would fall back into the habit of grabbing a soda in the middle of the day. Last week, I decided that instead of trying to quit progressively over time, I would try to quit cold turkey. While I did have one on Monday, I made a conscientious choice to not grab a soda and replace it with unsweetened iced tea. Since Tuesday, I have been able to stick to it but it hasn’t been without its trade-offs.

For the upside, I still have my morning coffee with ginger and cinnamon but afternoons have started to drag. The first couple of days were ok but I definitely felt the effects on Thursday and Friday. While I did want a soda, not having one at the ready felt good at the end of the day. The biggest effect is that I find myself sleeping a lot better. I’m still a light sleeper but I’m finding that I get into a deeper sleep more easily so by morning, so far, I’m a little more rested. I will admit that part of it might be my body coming off of the sugar and caffeine found in sodas and that it may be the initial crash, I am welcoming the benefit and hope to carry the momentum into the coming weeks and months and hopefully indefinitely.


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