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10 I Auto-Backup My Pictures and Videos

You can relax, I auto-backup my pictures and videos.

While this may seem like a given these days, I can remember all too recently (about 4-5 years ago) when backing up pictures and videos required copy the files from my phone to my computer then to a flash drive, CD-R or DVD-R or other form of physical backup. With the introduction of Dropbox, this became much easier as backup would happen without an intervention and if the desktop client was installed, any new pictures and videos would automatically sync to that device with eliminated a step. The downside soon became that storage would easily run out. Even though Dropbox periodically added space by continuing to backup images, if a user had larger images, this space would still be used up rather quickly. Here is when Google Photos comes in. Google added a feature where any image (taken at 13mp or less or converted down from 13mp or higher) could be backed-up for free if it was at 13mp or less at high quality. If higher quality images than 13mp wanted to be stored there would be a limit but since most smartphone cameras max out at 13mp, this feature comes in handy. My other favorite feature, although I don’t use it as much, is the facial recognition feature. If you take pictures with people, Google’s image recognition feature will automatically find similar looking faces and group them together so the user can easily find any picture with that person in it.

Google Photos


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