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09 I’m Hooked on DocuDrama Podcasts

You can relax, I’m hooked on DocuDrama podcasts.

After listening to the podcast Welcome To Night Vale for quite some time, I wanted to start listening to shows that have the same dramatic style but are based on historical events. My initial searches resulted in a podcast called Lore which covers events related to where the stuff of horror and fear comes from. In continuing my research, I found a show called Myths and Legends that talks about stories we may have read about and provides historical context to look at possible accuracy or if the stories are in fact a myth and/or legend. More recently, I found two additional shows called Unsolved Murders which covers old unsolved murder cases and the circumstances around them and You Must Remember This which talks about crimes from the early days of Hollywood. While I have only recently started listening to these two podcasts, I am already sucked in because they present stories with facts, tell stories as if the listener is listening to a live broadcast and they are engaging to the point where it’s hard to believe when the episode is over. While there are plenty of podcasts like these that may be in the sea, I find these to be engaging enough where I have kept my subscription active.

*On a related note, Night Vale presents has started two additional podcasts called Within The Wires and Alice Isn’t Dead which are produced with the same quality as Welcome To Night Vale and are worth a subscription if they are your cup of tea.


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