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08 I walked 18,469 steps

You can relax, I walked 18,469 steps.

One of my newest favorite parts of going on vacations and hikes is being able to count the number of steps I take. While I don’t have a fitness band or smartwatch, a simple smartphone app helps me with that so I can now easily find out how far I walked. The app is by Google and is called Google Fit. Once installed on your Android device and signed in, the app will automatically count your steps, time walked and distance walked. It can also figure out how far you run or ride a bike in case walking isn’t your only activity. Distances and times are separated by day and location so you not only get a daily summary which can be checked throughout the day but also a detailed breakdown so you can see how far you walked based on where you were. Other app features include tracking weight and saving your height so calories counted and other data can be more accurately checked (I think).

In short, Google Fit is the easiest way for a smartphone user to keep track of their distance walked without spending extra cash right of the bat.


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