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06 I Changed Smartphone Carrier

You can relax, I changed my smartphone carrier.

In the United States, having a smartphone can be an expensive proposition. With the switch from subsidized plans to adding the cost of devices on top of the cost of the plan, having a plan with enough data along with a recently released smartphone can cost in the vicinity of $200.

On that noted, I recently decided to see what carriers other than AT&T have to offer. While their reception was something I don’t have reason to complain about, the price of their plan for 4 lines felt expensive for what they were offering. I considered Sprint because of their unlimited plan but I know their reception is spotty in the areas I frequent. I also considered Verizon but their prices are on par with AT&T with different wording so they were also out. I considered T-Mobile last mostly because I know about their Uncarrier program but the last time I had looked at their pricing on plans, it came out more than what I was currently paying. When I went into the store, they brought up the idea that if I unlocked my devices I could bring them over so if I want to save on my plan, I could do that. I then did some research and learned that my current devices were not compatible with Sprint or Verizon anyways so I inquired about the plan rates and for a little more data and the Binge-On program factored in, I would actually be saving money. This too with tax added to the T-Mobile plan compared to AT&T’s plan without tax.

The solution here was simple so I asked about their coverage and it was about as good as what I was receiving on AT&T so I made the switch and have been pleased so far over the past few weeks. The lesson learned for me here is that saving money is a good result but asking questions can lead to unexpected information that can lead to a more informed decision one way or another.

On a related noted, the weekend prior to my switching, T-Mobile announced during their Uncarrier 11 event that every Tuesday they would give away free stuff, no strings attached. Simply by installing the T-Mobile Tuesday app, T-Mobile subscribers can get money towards a Vudu movie rental or purchase, Lyft coupons and more random prizes each week which must be redeemed on Tuesday. So far it has worked well for me and makes it nice to be able to get a movie rental each week along with things like money towards a purchase in the MLB shop.


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