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05 I Went to a Museum

You can relax, I went to a museum.
More specifically, I went to the Getty Villa1. Recently I had the chance to go to the Getty Museum and enjoyed looking at the artifacts and pieces in history. I finally decided that it was time to continue this endeavor with the Villa. I find this particularly relaxing because history is something that has always been of interest to me. It’s not at the level of a hobby or being able to remember information or teach it to others but I enjoy it. I enjoy it mostly because it takes me through human history and shows me where we’ve been. I then use this to compare and contrast what I see with where we’re at today and what has actually changed between then and now. Empires have been of particular note because to me it seems like in history, this is where the biggest change has occurred. In today’s case, the Roman Empire2 brought us innovations like the aqueduct and roads as well as modernizing/unifying architectural technologies and styles and arguably being able to merge multiple cultures and religions into one society.

In short, if I get the chance to do something I enjoy, as rare as I may do it, then I’ll always go for it, especially if I’m in a new town, but definitely if its in the vicinity of where I live.

More Photos3

  1. Getty Villa
  2. Roman Empire
  3. More Photos


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