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04 I Went For A Walk

You can relax, I went for a walk.

One of the easiest forms of stress reliefs I’ve found recently is to go for a walk. While it does require being in an area where one can go for a walk, it does make me feel better when doing it. I usually try to go around sunrise or sunrise because I like to get a picture and play around with the image in Snapseed1 to see how I can enhance the image. In this instance, I went a bit too early to get a picture of the sunset but it was a clear enough day where I could get the fields, trees and sky in one view.

In Snapseed, I applied three filters. The first was for Tonal Contrast to enhance the colors in the picture. I usually set Low, Mid and High tones to 100% to get the most out of the picture. The next is the grainy filter to adjust the color tones. I use 0 grain and 100 style strength. I used L04 and B04 styles to use separate tones for the trees and field but any two different tones can be used to provide different effects. From here, I went to Tune Image and set the shadows to negative 50 to adjust for the picture becoming brighter but this is optional.

Snapseed is available for Android2 and iOS3.

  1. Snapseed
  2. Snapseed for Android
  3. Snapseed for iOS


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