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02 I Washed My Car

You can relax, I washed my car.

There is no greater feeling than having a washed car, especially when it is washed by the car’s owner. On the flip side, there is no worse feeling when having a recently washed car and sprinkles of rain make the car dirty again. Not the pouring rain that can help clean the car with some dirty rags, but the sprinkles of rain that happens when a small grimy layer has started to form after a few days of driving around.  On that note, I finally decided that it was time to wash my car because there was no forecast for rain at any percent. I felt very good since I cleaned the outside and inside. I even recently replaced the air freshener so my car also smelled great. Why make this post then if everything was going great. I go inside the house and sure enough when I turn on the TV, the weatherman is reporting that there is a chance for sprinkles this week. I suppose the old adage of the best laid plans comes to mind. The positive I found was right at my fingertips though. Next to my work, another company shared a parking lot with us and had recently moved away. The upside here is that their part of the lot has no trees while ours has several. If it did rain, lots of leaves and the junk stuck in the trees would fall onto our cars which in relation would make my car dirty. My solution turned out to be better than I thought. Since my car was super clean, all I needed to do was park in the area without trees and my problem was solved. Needless to say, it has been a week and my car is still very clean.


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