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01 My Ears Aren't Plugged

You can relax, my ears aren’t plugged.
Recently I took up swimming again as part of my fitness regimen. I stopped when I started my recent job as I used to go during the week and I kept using the excuse that I couldn’t go on Saturdays because there was a water aerobics class at the time I wanted to go swimming at the gym. I decided when I switched up my workout earlier this year that I would either wake up early and go before the class or run other errands and go after the class. Since I hadn’t gone swimming for almost 2 years, I had forgotten that my ears had a tendency to get plugged and it would take a day or so to clear up at least, more if I swam longer or harder. This wouldn’t do as I have to be on the phone quite a bit at work and have to talk to multiple department. I started on a search for good swimming earplugs at retail stores and online. I ended up going with earplugs1 I found on Amazon as they had the ear grip like headphones to keep them in my ear and seemed like they would help what I learned is called swimmer’s ear2.
In the end, the lesson learned is that only I was stopping myself from incorporating swimming back into my workout routine. Not only am I getting a good weekly swim, but I’m able to keep my ears clog free. References

  1. Swimmer's Ear


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