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02 I Washed My Car

You can relax, I washed my car.

01 My Ears Aren't Plugged

You can relax, my ears aren’t plugged.

00 Introduction

Welcome to ‘You Can Relax,’ a new blog that takes everyday annoyances and aims to get a laugh out of its silliness or turn it into a positive or beneficial situation. Each post will begin with “You can relax, ____.” This topic will then be explained with why it bothers me and what I did to make the situation better.
Of course, this site will be able to succeed even more with reader submissions. You can send me something that bothers you and how you resolved it to get it posted on the site as a user submission or as a question for how I would relax in the given situation. Submissions can be made via email at or via DM on Twitter @pateln01 (